Underground Storage Tank Removal Service

underground storage tank removalIn addition to being a licensed environmental consultant offering underground storage tank (UST) inspection, we can also facilitate underground storage tank removal.

Our company is approved by Oklahoma’s Petroleum Storage Tank Division as a qualified underground storage tank inspector. We are also partnered with excavators that are specialized in underground storage tank removal. We monitor the overall removal process, perform additional inspections, and prepare necessary reports for the state’s Department of Environmental Quality. We will also facilitate the disposal of underground storage tanks.

We work with fuel stations across the Plains and Midwest states and are ready to dispatch a qualified environmental engineer right away to your facility.

Read more about our experience with Underground Storage Tank Removal Projects.

Our Underground Storage Tank Removal Service

Our underground storage tank removal starts by gathering together our excavation and removal teams…

  • Secure all necessary local permits.
  • Submit all necessary notifications to local and state environmental quality departments.
  • Examine maps and diagrams of public utility lines.
  • Exposing the underground storage tank and removing contents.
  • Disconnecting the tank and removing it from the ground.
  • Inspection and testing of soil samples.
  • Inspection of surrounding hydrogeology, potential damage to the environment.
  • Filing of all necessary local and state reports.
  • Disposal of the underground storage tanks.
  • Recommendations for remediation of polluted soils and hydrogeology.

Why Hire Us For Underground Storage Tank Removal?

Because our company has performed hundreds of underground storage tank removals, we have accumulated experience with a wide variety of tanks, service stations old and new, and understand the unique regulatory compliance requirements in various states across the Plains and Midwest.

  • We are approved by the Oklahoma Petroleum Storage Tank Division as a qualified underground storage tank inspector due to our experience with Oklahoma’s rural gas stations.
  • Our environmental engineers have a combined 25 years experience overseeing underground storage tank removal projects.
  • We employ ASTM standards with the inspection and handling of underground storage tanks.
  • We hire OHSA-trained contractors to handle the excavation and removal process.

Why is an Underground Storage Tank Removal Necessary?

Historically, underground storage tanks (USTs) were made of bare steel up until the mid-1980s. Environmental regulations were much less stringent in those times. Today, there are still thousands of gas and diesel stations with old tanks underground. Even modern-day tanks can leak due to faulty installation and inadequate maintenance activity. Moreover, leak detection systems and spill buckets can often fail requiring inspection and service.

Old underground storage tanks that are no longer in use still contain some remnant contents. These contents will eventually leak as the tank structure slowly deteriorates. Failure to remove an old underground storage tank can pose risks to human health and create a potential for fire and explosion.

This is why federal regulations and state departments of environmental quality require routine underground storage tank inspection and the removal of old, leaking tanks.

Underground Storage Tank Inspection

Once an underground storage tank has been removed, we perform an inspection of the tank to determine the extent of damage, if any, including an analysis of the soil to determine any contamination to the environment. We satisfy all necessary checks and tests and file all required reports to state’s Department of Environmental Quality.

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